Integrate with anything

A consistent framework to move large amounts of data from any source to your data warehouse. Without having to write code.


No-magic integration

Source data from any service through a configurable tool that handles complexity for you without compromising on flexibility and transparency.

Solid scheduling and automation

Automate work and easily set dependencies to reliably source data according to your business logic.

Composable and programmable

Program your workflows through a simple syntax that lets you reuse and glue data across sources. Avoid repeating yourself by saving and reusing shared logic.

Stay on top of your game

Retrieve the data you need, whenever you need it. Setup, monitor and control your workflows in an intuitive and consistent interface, without ever having to ask IT again.



Be smart and efficient

A consistent framework together with a powerful syntax lets you query only what you need, for faster and more frequent ingestion of new data.

Improve flexibility

Let schema updates happen automatically and perform incremental updates of your data based on rules you define.


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