Read and write in realtime from your Data Warehouse

Easily configure a JSON API to access your Data warehouse, feed it with realtime data or to use its contents within your website and apps.


In-house realtime tracking

Have your backend and frontend apps push events directly to your Data Warehouse, for fast and responsive business analytics without the need for third party integrations.

Landing pages and surveys

Set your data team free to run tests and surveys. Push new leads and responses straight to your Data Warehouse for quick analysis and reduced complexity.

Data as a service

Plug your data and the people behind it into your product by serving content to your users right out of your Data Warehouse.

Realtime analytics without the overhead

Let your developers focus on your product and your data team on analytics. Issue new endpoints on the fly and ensure BI never lags behind new features.



Empower marketing and user research

Use your Data Warehouse as a backend for your marketing landing pages and customer surveys. Prototype rapidly and get the data right where you want it to be.

Leverage your data in new ways

Close the loop and get the most out of your data by integrating your Data Warehouse within your product, sales and operations.


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